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clock art

THE ARTIST: Anne Wilcox

Fascination with time and artistic expression have been two constants in my life. Gates of Wisdom timepieces bring these together in a form of kinetic wall sculpture. The pieces are less about representing what time it is and more about an aesthetic representation of the passage of time.

Media used are primarily tile, glass, beads and metal in various forms. But anything may be used; an old shingle and river rocks, found objects such as rusty iron picked up on walks, or aluminum flashing and screening picked up in the hardware store.

Some of the pieces are obviously clocks. Others represent time as the stately movement of shapes, colors or patterns. Some require thinking (if one wants to know what time it is!) and others contain surprising twists of design. But they all bring me visual pleasure in the passage of time.

I began making small versions of Gates of Wisdom clocks many years ago, using patterns from wrapping paper on matte board. The clocks were less than 6 inches square and came with a table stand. Being unique, they sold well at craft shows one year, but I found that churning out many of the same designs wasn't satisfying. The current process of creating each unique clock, exploring a theme in a series of clocks, or expanding the techniques and media to other objects like magnets and bookends, is very fulfilling. Ideas tumble into my mind at a furious pace; I'll never have enough time to realize them all.

A life-long resident of Northern Colorado, my educational credentials are in biology and higher education, however creativity is fundamental to any work I do. Right now it's art,fiction, and grant writing.